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Empowering Parents: Online Course

Welcome to LifeWork's Empowering Parents Online Course. In this series, LifeWork therapists will guide you through strategies to handle some of your most difficult parenting challenges and improve your relationship with your teenage or young adult child. This series is presented in three steps. Each step is divided into three weeks that can be completed at any time. All video and worksheets can be accessed through Vimeo by clicking on the links below. They can be streamed or downloaded on any device.

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Step One: It’s All about Balance In Step One, parents will build concrete skills to stay balanced in intense interactions with their children and understand their own behaviors in these moments. Parents will learn to decrease their own stress when thinking about their children's difficulties. In addition, parents will learn a new method to approach the issues that cause the most tension in the relationship.

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Step Two: Crisis and Connection

Step Two will help parents feel more confident in responding to their children in-the-moment during crises. This step helps parents recognize their own communication patterns that may intensify these difficult interactions. This step will also include methods to repair damaged relationships and begin working toward long-term family goals.

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Step Three: The Paradox of Parenting

Step Three introduces the Paradox of Parenting: the difficult task of balancing acceptance and change in your relationship with your child. Step Three will help parents learn to manage their own suffering in the face of their child's unacceptable behavior. Participants will learn to encourage change in their child by using punishment less frequently. ​

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