What Is Empowering Parents?

Empowering Parents helps parents manage the challenges of parenting young people (age 11 to young adults) with intense emotions. Some difficulties that parents may face include fears about your young person's future, tension with your partner, frustration about treatment "not working" and difficulties with enjoying life. 

Empowering Parents will help parents learn strategies for effective parenting and feel supported by other parents.

One-on-One Parent Consultation

One-on-One Parent Consultation • Monday, Aug. 3
7:30 to 8:15 p.m. • $40 per appointment

Held the first Monday of the month
Creve Coeur location

Join therapist Jane Smith, M.Ed, LPC, to consider methods for effective parenting of teens and young adult children. These appointment times are available for families for one-on-one support to think through their family's specific parenting challenges. Please call (314) 737-0020 to schedule a time for the upcoming date above.​

Empowering Parents Workshops

The Roadmap: Empowering Parents, Part One

Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon
Call or email contact@lifeworkstl.com for next date scheduled

This parents-only group will present methods to manage the behaviors of teens and young adult children more consistently and effectively. Participants will learn to increase cooperation between parents and children, use behavioral change strategies and develop understanding and compassion for your adolescent—and for yourself.

Love & Limits: Empowering Parents, Part Two

Saturday, 9 a.m. to 12 noon
Call or email contact@lifeworkstl.com for next date scheduled

​This advanced class will help parents of teens and young adult children improve their relationships. Participants will learn to manage their own levels of emotion during difficult interactions, set effective limits with their teens and “know what to say” when emotions run high. Please take The Roadmap before taking this class.

Save $10 if you sign up for The Roadmap and Love & Limits together.

LifeWork Meditation: Loving Kindness For Parents

Parents often prioritize other people's needs before their own. Parents maybe left feeling unmotivated, "burned out", and unsatisfied in life. This meditation is for parents who support a child (of any age) through repeated crises. 

LifeWork Meditation: Loving
Kindness for Compassionate

Parenting is an emotionally exhaustive job, especially for parents whose interactions with their children are often in "crisis mode". Parents can use this meditation to boost their compassion and protect their stamina while supporting their children. 

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