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About the Course

Welcome to LifeWork's Skills Coaching videos. Sometimes we all need a little support in "how" to use DBT skills. Our skills coaching videos feature DBT crisis survival, emotion regulation, and reality acceptance skills and are meant to supplement the work you've done in a DBT program. These videos will help you access skills in the moment or will serve as refreshers for skills you've already learned. You can pick the skills that may help you "get through the moment without making it worse".

These videos are not intended to replace skills training or coaching calls. Call 1-800-273-8255 for immediate suicide support.


Getting Through a Crisis

Feel Better Now

10 videos, avergae time 6 min. Develop your insight into crisis survival skills and provide tips on using them effectively. Skills include the TIPP Skills, the STOP Skill, the Self-Soothe Skills and Distraction Skills.

Purchase single video or as a set


Manage Your Emotions

Feel Better Every Day 5 videos, average time 7 min. Learn how to best use Cope Ahead, Opposite to Emotion Action and Mindfulness of Current Emotion skills in DBT and their role in calming intense levels of emotion. Purchase single video or as a set


Reduce your Suffering

Feel Better Long-Term

3 videos, average time 5 min.

Review the Radical Acceptance skill and explore both its challenges and also its potential benefits in handling difficult events in our lives.

Purchase single video or as a set

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