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Based on evidence of what works, we will relentlessly assist our clients to build lives worth living and more fulfilling. We will partner with each client to create and implement effective solutions to the problems of life.


LifeWork is committed to providing the highest quality services in our power.  Dedication to quality interactions, products, and services has made us a leader in providing DBT in the greater St. Louis area.  It is our adherence to quality that keeps each of us striving to become better, both professionally and personally


I strive to show support to my clients and colleagues alike.  Support varies for different people and at different times.  My commitment to support means I keep coming back to giving and asking for what is required.


At LifeWork, I will sit with you in your pain and assist in transforming it.  If you are suffering, I come alongside and join you, before assisting you to move through it.  The only way out of suffering is through, and I are committed to providing compassion to each of our clients. 


I strive to be as authentic and forthright as possible in each of my dealings with my clients and my colleagues.  

I welcome your feedback about how I am displaying my values and whether I am successful or falling short in embodying these values.
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