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What type of treatment does LifeWork provide?

I specialize in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). I offer comprehensive DBT provide individual skills sessions, DBT skills groups and phone coaching to client enrolled in DBT. Read more about DBT here.  I also offer therapy that includes elements of DBT if you end up not needing the full treatment.

I also specializes in treatment for trauma, including EMDR and Prolonged Exposure.

I also provide general counseling to support people who may have problems with mood such as anxiety and depression, addictions, problems in relationships with family and loved ones and difficulty with life direction.

Payment options

I accepts most major insurance plans for treatment. If I am not in-network, payment in full will be due at time of service.  With the insurance system we have in our country, it is sometimes almost impossible to tell if I am in-network with your particular plan until billing it submitted.  It is rare, but notable, that you may end up being responsible for my full rate if this happens.


My rates are as follows:

$150 per hour for out of pocket for individual sessions. 

$60/session for a 90 minute session for DBT skills class.

We do not acccept insurance for our skills groups. All DBT skills groups are an out-of-pocket expense of $60 per week. 

*Please note:  LifeWork has recently changed from a group practice to my (Jeff Brenneman) solo practice.  As such, availability is much more limited for services than previously.

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