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And now something completely different

It's January. Over the past couple of weeks over here at LifeWork, we've taken some time to pay attention to the things we accomplished over the past year. It's really helpful to take some time and reflect, at times, on where we've come from, what we've done, and assess if we are headed in the direction we want to be.

It's also very needed to just 'be' for a few minutes and not be driving toward goals every minute. Another perspective on mindfulness is to create a balance of 'doing' and 'being.' We need both of those perspectives. So, here at LifeWork, we'd love for you to participate in a little look back at where we've been over the past year and some things we've been able to accomplish. Part state of the union, part celebration, and part contemplation of what lies in store.

Here are some highlights.

Clinical Highlights

Clients served: 340

DBT skills classes: 384

Individual sessions : 5,655

Free Intro to DBT participants: 50

Parents attending Empowering Parents Workshops: 25

Individual Parenting sessions: 52

Clinicians trained through DBTmo: 142

DBT Skills presentations to school counselors: 5

Mindfulness and Healthcare trauma workshop with GYN Oncology nurses at Barnes hospital

Staff Highlights

1 clinician got nationally certified through DBT-LBC (Caleb)

3 clinicians EMDR certified (Marni, Stephanie L, Kris)

2 staff attended 5 day mindfulness retreats

Our founder was appointed Secretary of the CHADS Coalition BOD

Organization Highlights

Hired a new Executive Director - Jessica Traner, LPC

Launched our new website

Launched this blog

Launched Instagram presence

Participated and raised money for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Walk

Continued our practicum program, educating students and beginning to train the next generation of therapists.

So, it was a busy year for us. We are quite proud of all of these accomplishments. The numbers are important, and even more important are the individual stories of what these accomplishments actually mean. In those 384 skills classes were experiences where people learned things that ended up setting them free from difficulties they've been carrying for years. In those 5655 individual sessions are many stories of people feeling accepted and healing and growing. In those parent workshops and parent sessions are parents figuring out that they aren't alone and there are ways to parent their kids nobody taught them.

There are so many stories of people (including our staff) being accepted and being able to grow in out of that acceptance. There are stories of people being set free from trauma that has dominated their lives. Stories of people realizing that there are possibilities for their life rather than hopelessness. And many stories of impacts that we don't even know.

And none of this would be possible if we did not show up mindfully, pay attention to what our big goals are and then come back to the present moment and do what is needed right now. Sometimes that has meant just sitting with someone, sometimes that has meant going above and beyond what is expected, and sometimes that has meant simply showing up and making sure everything is ready to receive people in our space (virtual space as well.)

We are proud of what we've done, humbled by the trust our clients and others put in us, and ready to continue the journey with each person we provide therapy or education or coaching to. 2022 was pretty great. 2023 is going to be even better!

Have something you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you. Look for us in Instagram, send us an email at or, or drop a comment down at the bottom here.

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