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LifeWork, LLC is closing.  It’s been 13 years of providing the absolute best DBT we could and helping thousands of people create lives that are worth living and more fulfilling.  We’ve helped adults, adolescents, pre-teens, parents and families along the way.

We’re closing for a number of reasons, including challenges in mental health care reimbursement, difficulty in retaining providers and changes related to the pandemic.

It is never an easy decision to end something, and it is reality that many things do end.

It’s not all bad news over here, however. Several of our providers have started their own practices.

Marni Goldberg, LPC can be reached at

Greg Rieger can be reached at

Camilla Collins can be reached at (636)293-0517 or at

Dr. Caleb Reese can be reached at

Jeff Brenneman will continue in private practice and can still be reached at


 It's been a privilege to serve our community.


For Clients

Hybrid Mindfulness Course

Develop and strengthen skills for practicing mindfulness.

Saturdays; March 11 to April 15

One-on-One Parent Coaching and Guidance Sessions

Individualized consultation for parents of children enrolled in DBT.

Call to schedule.

Empowering Parents I

First of two part series workshop for parents of children enrolled in DBT.

February 3, May 5, August 4, November 3

Online Skills Coaching Videos

Extra support to generalize distress tolerance and emotion regulation skills.


Empowering Parents II

Second of two part series workshop for parents of children enrolled in DBT.

February 10, May 12, August 11, November 10

Stopping the Emotional Rollercoaster

An introduction to emotional dysregulation and DBT.

Jan. 7

For Professionals

DBT is one of the most in-demand, evidence-based, and effective transdiagnostic treatments in behavioral health.

If you are a clinician wanting to add DBT to your skillset, join Lifework and the Missouri Department of Mental Health for our four-part training series, DBT: Making It Work in Our Communities

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